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Web Design and Development Offerings

Contact us on xxxxxx to get customized assistance. Our web design and development services include


Offering a pleasant end-user experience of a business app has become important for a smart business as it leaves a lasting impact. Icognix, a reputed UI UX Design firm bring products to life through our intuitive and delightful UX design services. We incorporate industry's best in class user experience designs that comprise app development. Our UI service helps our clients create a robust user experience, which helps increase the ROI thereby meeting business goals. Our UI/UX service includes:

  • 1. Mobile UX – Designing smart mobile apps
  • 2. Website UX – Creating one size fits all solution
  • 3. Web Apps – Fixing complex web app errors
  • 4. Ecommerce – Making your e-store smart
  • 5. SaaS – Designing spontaneous products that acts to every input from the user
  • 6. Wearables – Designing wearable experiences

HTML/CSS Development

HTML and CSS are the foundation of all our web design projects. Whichever sites we develop or design are well organized using the latest HTML and CSS standards. Our HTML/CSS service include

  • 1. W3C compliant HTML/CSS
  • 2. Semantic Coding for SEO – Javascript development, JQuery, JSP, XML, AJAX, XSL and EXTJS.

Blog Design and RSS Integration

We work with the below open source blogs and RSS Feeds

  • 1. Blogger
  • 2. Wordpress
  • 3. Drupal RSS modules
  • 4. Custom RSS and XML solutions

Social Media Integration

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can boost your marketing efforts, with your website acting as your main marketing hub. Hence the tools should be properly integrated after proper planning only.

Website Maintenance

Under this service we provide client's with recommendations that will help them succeed in their marketing efforts. Our web maintenance service includes

  • 1. Website content updates
  • 2. website expansion – design callouts and featured products, design banner/button ads and email newsletter templates
  • 3. Hosting plan analysis
  • 4. Landing page design
  • 5. website audit – usability audit, SEO audit and 508 compliance audit

Website Redesigning and redevelopment

We don't just design and develop your website from scratch, but also provide redevelopment and redesigning service assistance. Our website modernization service include

  • 1. Scalability Enhancement
  • 2. Website redesign and redevelopment
  • 3. New function addition
  • 4. Reliability Improvement
  • 5. UI/UX Support
  • 6. Usability Enhancement
  • 7. Security Enhancement
  • 8. Content Rewriting
  • 9. Rebranding and re-strategizing corporate image

Our Web development services cover the below technology areas:

  • 1. PHP Development
  • 2. .NET Development
  • 3. Mobile Connectivity Provision
  • 4. Web 2.0 Projects and Ajax
  • 5. Quality Assurance and Testing
  • 6. Custom Solutions Development
  • 7. Shopping Cart Development
  • 8. Dynamic Website Development
  • 9. Ecommerce Website Development
  • 10. Open Source Ecommerce Integration

Our web design and development services are open for every domain and industry. Some of the industries (but not limited to) we cater to are listed below:

  • 1. Gaming
  • 2. Healthcare
  • 3. Corporate
  • 4. Ecommerce
  • 5. Retail
  • 6. Entertainment

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